FOLIGAIN®: Next Generation Hair Care

One of the things most moms don’t mention about their pregnancy is their hair loss. While some women experience hair growth during pregnancy, other moms-to-be will notice their hair becoming thin and brittle during pregnancy, as well as the months directly after giving birth. This is not the only reason your hair may begin to thin and fall out. Some women are born with naturally thin hair, while others experience these issues as they grow older. No matter what the cause, FOLIGAIN® has products that are formulated specifically for women with thin, fine hair.

FOLIGAIN® contains Trioxidil™, a triple action hair health complex with bioactive ingredients that are clinically shown to help restore hair and scalp health. Trioxidil™ was developed by experts at FOLIGAIN® to infuse the hair and scalp with key nutrients for healthier, thicker-looking hair. Trioxidil™ is also enhanced with a unique moisture barrier that locks in key bioactive ingredients to support the effectiveness and retain skin moisture. This is why the FOLIGAIN® team is confident that users will see a change in their hair in as little as 3-4 months (results vary per person)!  The natural, drug-free formula provides no harmful side effects such as scalp irritation and dehydration even in customers who use the products daily.


FOLIGAIN® features a wide range of products to target each woman’s specific hair needssuch as shampoo, conditioner, supplements, regrowth treatment and more. One of their best-selling products is the FOLIGAIN® Triple Action Hair Care System For Women. This three-step program features their Triple Action Shampoo, Triple Action Conditioner, and their Triple Action Complete Formula. Triple Action Shampoo deep cleanses to remove hair build-up and rejuvenate hair for added strength, fullness, and vitality. Triple Action Conditioner helps make hair more manageable with nutrients for the look of added fullness and density. Finally, the Triple Action Complete Formula targets hair from root to tip for the look of added density, fullness, and youthful vitality. It is recommended to use this system consistently two-four times per week or as needed. For hair loss prevention, women should use the shampoo & conditioner at least three times a week. For visible scalp and/or receding hairline, women should use the shampoo, conditioner, and 10% Trioxidil treatment three times a week. FOLIGAIN® also offers similar hair growth products for men, which can also be found on their website.


Regardless of why you are experiencing hair loss and/or hair thinning, FOLIGAIN® products are certainly worth a try. Thousands of customers swear by the formula, and are actively seeing a difference in the appearance of their hair. If you are ready to test the science behind these products, locate a retailer near you. Full size products, as well as smaller 3-piece trial sets are available for purchase.


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