FOLIGAIN® Trioxidil® Clinical Study Results

A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of FOLIGAIN® Trioxidil® Regimen: Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment – For Men & Women
YEAR 2019
RESEARCHER  Princeton Consumer Research Corp.
METHODS Monadic (clinical expert evaluation); Controlled (brush friction count method); Self-perception
SUBJECTS 30 male and 30 female volunteers, 18-75 years of age, with self-assessed thinning or dry/brittle hair
DURATION 120 days (4 months)
FOLIGAIN® Trioxidil® Shampoo, Conditioner, and Topical Treatment for Men and Women. Subjects used the shampoo and conditioner at least 3-5 times per week. Subjects used the topical treatment daily following the application instructions.

Reduces Hair Loss / Hair loss due to breakage

Improves hair strength

Brush friction count method

Improves volume and thickness

Improves scalp health

More softness and shine

Expert assessment and self-perception
Improves hair count Macro photography/expert assessment

Under the conditions of the study, evaluator assessed hair attributes, shine, volume, thickness, softness and scalp health were statistically improved at each monthly assessment time point (p<0.05), hair strength was significantly improved over the four-month assessment period (p<0.05). Hair count of macro photographs increased (6.15) significantly between baseline (126.41 ± 49.62, n=61) and month four (132.56 ± 49.91, n=61; p<0.05). Data from the BFCM showed a reduction in broken (-76.32%; p<0.05) and intact (-76.35%; p<0.05) hairs over the four-month time period.

Self-Perception Questionnaires indicate highly favorable responses for all of the statements at month 4 indicating that subjects perceived the products highly favorably.