Why we’ve stopped accepting PayPal

Like a lot of other online stores, we’ve been using PayPal for years as they’ve been a good partner and made payment processing easy. Unfortunately, the time has come for us to stop using their services.

The reason for this is due to some major changes in PayPal’s terms and conditions that have made it virtually impossible for us to use their services without incurring penalties that are not imposed by any other payment providers today.

These include some of the following –

  • PayPal charges a high merchant fee.
  • PayPal freezes merchant funds without prior notification or reason, while at the same time happy to continue to receive payment from our customers and keep the funds for 180 days.
  • PayPal offers no support or defence to merchants in Fraud cases.
  • PayPal has a strong bias to support the buyer over the merchant.

We hope that you, our customers, can understand our position, and be rest assured that we will always offer the best-in-class payment options. Well recognised providers such as Stipe, Pin Payments, Shopify Payments (who use Stripe backbone) Afterpay and ZipPay will be available to ensure that your payment to us is secure.