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Clinically researched and proven to deliver fuller, thicker and younger looking hair.

Grow Your Confidence Back

Powerful 10% Trioxidil solution to repair and strengthen thinning hair.

Advanced Nutrient Delivery

Designed to ensure nutrient absorption and maximum results every time.


Clinically Proven Hair Loss Prevention Therapy*

ONLY FOLIGAIN® CONTAINS TRIOXIDIL®, a triple action nutrient complex developed by a team of hair care experts, with natural, bioactive ingredients clinically proven to support less hair loss* and scalp health. Grow your confidence back!


Trioxidil was developed and perfected by the experts at FOLIGAIN® to infuse hair and scalp with key nutrients and botanicals for healthier-looking, thicker-looking hair. Trioxidil is enhanced with a proprietary moisture barrier technology that locks in the key bioactive ingredients to support efficacy and retain skin moisture.


Minoxidil was first created as a blood pressure medication but patients began to notice they were growing more hair! With a change of direction, doctors started prescribing minoxidil as a hair-loss supplement that promotes a full, healthy head of hair.

Minoxidil hair treatments are available in 2% or 5% propylene glycol topical solutions. The propylene glycol ensures that the applied minoxidil is spread evenly across the scalp area and effectively absorbed through the skin.

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