There are few things more damaging to a woman’s mood than a bad hair day.

I recall the hair loss at the crown of my head, after giving birth, and then the odd, slow growth of fuzzy, baby hair in its place with terror.

The fluctuation of hormones during and after pregnancy can do a number on hair. And, some women suffer from fine and thinning hair for reasons that have nothing to do with giving birth – even though I think we should be able to blame all our dramas on our kids. Right?

To help our mom tribe out, I’ve partnered with Foligain, a collection of high-performance hair care formulas, to share their clean and natural hair care solutions that are non-drug-based.

Foligain Get Thicker Fuller Hair Pamela Pekerman


Foligain’s Tripe Action Hair Care System

Foligain’s Triple Action Hair Care System is designed specifically for women and includes a volumizing shampoo, a nourishing conditioner, and 10% Trioxidil Complete Formula that acts as a hair serum to support thicker, healthier, and full of body tresses.

Foligain’s Revolutionary Serum

The 10% Trioxidil Complete Formula is the secret sauce. Trioxidil is a triple action hair health complex with bioactive ingredients that promote fuller-looking hair and scalp health. Apply 4 sprays to the scalp once daily directly to the area of hair loss of thinning. Then massage into scalp with the tips of your fingers – bonus relaxation time. Only Foligain contains Trioxidil, which has bioactive ingredients that promote healthy-looking hair from root to tip. It even improves scalp health, which in turn will help your hair grow thicker and stronger.

Foligain Get Thicker Fuller Hair Pamela Pekerman

Looking for a way to boost scalp health while working in a Sunday Spa Night moment?

Foligain’s Hair & Scalp Roller helps stimulate your scalp to support hair and scalp healthy by utilizing 540 ultra-fine titanium needles that painlessly roll over the scalp to penetrate the skin’s upper surface.
• Removes dead skin
• Helps restore fuller, thicker hair
• Increases effectiveness & absorption of topical anti-thinning solutions
• Seriously relaxing way to watch Chris Cuomo on CNN (love this reporter)

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